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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- March 11th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The humdrum and monotony of daily life is not your cup of tea and you're looking for new ways to keep the fire alive in your relationship. You're going out of your way to please your partner, both inside and outside of the bedroom. Get ready to pull out all the stops as you know full well that it takes a lot to keep your partner on their toes!


    Spring is here and you had high hopes that your love life would blossom as a result. Unfortunately the opposite has happened and your love interests seem to have gone into hibernation instead! As a last result you'll decide to use social media or dating websites in order to meet some new faces. The stars suggest you shouldn't get your hopes up though...

    Sexy tip

    Why don't you give up the bedroom for once and try out different rooms of the house? If your fantasies aren't too extreme, share them with your partner!


    You had high hopes for that work meeting this morning but nothing constructive will come of it. Your objectives are as clear as mud and no-one is able to agree on anything at the moment. You need to settle your differences before the quality of your work starts to suffer.

    Your finances

    No less than three planets in your financial zone spells good news for your bank balance. Not only are your earnings on the rise, your fixed costs have also decreased. This winning combination suggests that you will soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

    Your lucky number




    You're enjoying meeting some new faces and getting to know people from different backgrounds and walks of life. It feels like a breath of fresh air.


    Your relatives will go out of their way to support you today. You know you can do anything as long as you have your loved ones by your side.

    Your saying

    « Someone who isn't attracted to wealth deserves to be rich » Epicurus


    You're feeling down in the dumps and your body is in need of some TLC. Healthy living and clean eating are as good a place to start as any!

    Your color

    In the evening, don't hesitate to put bright red make up on your cheeks. So cute!

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