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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- February 15th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Watch out for ups and downs today! On one hand, you won't be easy going and your partner will need to hold on tight to put up with your impulsiveness. On the other hand, you'll look for thrills, even it means playing with fire and seducing other people. A tense atmosphere in your relationship. Don't go overboard.


    Venus and Pluto won't make you very subtle, you'll be extremely honest with the people you meet, and this could create clashes in your social life. Moreover, you'll address the ones you like, without any subtlety whatsoever. If you wish to seduce, be a little less direct!

    Sexy tip

    Reveal every single inch of your body! Release the beast. Stock up on ginseng and don't forget the importance of foreplay.


    Mercury in sextil with Venus favors communication. You'll make yourself understood, without beating around the bush. However, be more diplomatic. Pluto will encourage you to be really direct, which could trigger conflicts with your colleagues.

    Your finances

    Here's a sector which won't be subject to any trouble today. You know exactly where you stand with your accounts and your impeccable management gives you peace. If you feel like it, you can even pamper yourself a little!

    Your lucky number




    Rather than ignore a friend, tell the latter what's on your mind honestly. It'll give you the chance to root out the evil and move onto something else.


    This Friday could expose a family secret, which will throw you off balance. Take a step back before reacting to this news.

    Your saying

    « Growing old together is not adding years to life, it's adding life to years » Jacques Salomé


    You'll be sensitive to germs, cover yourself and don't forget to wash your hands regularly to avoid a cold.

    Your color

    Add toffee highlights to your brown hair for a summery look!

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