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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- December 5th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Uranus is the reason that you and your partner have been at each other's throats all day. You welcome the disagreements with open arms as you know you always win hands down in a dispute. Your unreasonable behavior is starting to wear thin with your loved one and they're already toying with the idea of calling it a day. It's time to buck your ideas up...


    The combined dissonances from Venus and Uranus are turning you into a slippery character. You won't think twice before promising the world to your love interest even though you know there isn't an ounce of truth in what you've said. You're so busy trying to get your love interest into bed that you'll forget to even ask what their name is!

    Sexy tip

    You will shamelessly take up a few offers to enjoy yourself... Naughty, borderline perverse games will truly turn you on.


    Luck is not on your side at work today. Your working conditions are far from satisfactory and you and your colleagues will be at each other's throats all day long. Dissonances from Venus are causing you to take some risky decisions that will get you into hot waters with your boss.

    Your finances

    Your banker will inform you that you may have to wait until January to receive that cheque through the post. You'll barely be able to conceal your anger as you'd been relying on that money for buying your Christmas gifts. At this rate you'll end up getting a short term loan.

    Your lucky number




    You know better than to place all of your trust in one person, even if they are your best friend. You've learnt that lesson the hard way in the past and you won't be doing it again.


    Dissonances from Venus and Uranus are causing you to play games with your relatives. Your sly, underhand tactics won't win you any admirers today.

    Your saying

    "An ugly man cannot blame the mirror for not being straight." Chinese proverb


    You've got the wind in your sails and nothing will slow you down today. You'll still be on the ball even when you're asleep!

    Your color

    Wear sexy cherry red lipstick!

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