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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- November 30th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Some of your bearings change in your couple life. This could be beneficial as you and your partner share the desire for a renewal. Both of you will feel like spending more and more time together. You'll talk about traveling, you'll give free rein to your imagination and give a whole new meaning to love, which will rhyme with desire.


    This encounter will change your vision on love, intensely. You'll experience a major heart stopper but this enthusiasm could be only temporary, even if you don't realize this today. This person will turn out to be invasive and you'll need to set limits. You'll have a good time before back pedaling.

    Sexy tip

    You don't really need to, that's true, but why don't you give sex toys a try? You're open to new experiences!


    Professionally speaking, the end of the month is going to laborious. Don't get discouraged by constraints, rigorous responsibilities by feeling sorry for yourself. Instead, roll up your sleeves and take into consideration that you're building a stable future.

    Your finances

    Your financial needs are increasing, you'll multiply opportunities to increase your income. You'll accept occasional contracts, in addition to your job. Careful about not experiencing a burn out at the end of the year, due to finances.

    Your lucky number




    There will be a gap between your expectations and what your friends will actually provide you with. They'll find you a little too demanding.


    You're known to turn around and walk away when a clash is on the way. You'll be courageous with Mercury to confront the family clashes.

    Your saying

    "Men think happiness sits at the top of the mountain, when it can be found in the way they climb it." Confucius


    Stick to only healthy foods otherwise you might get food poisoning .

    Your color

    Milky and minty, Jade green will put the spotlight on green and brown eyes.

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