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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- November 20th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You don't hide your dissatisfaction to your partner. The latter's lack of reactivity and penchant for acting as if everything is fine, while you're overwhelmed due to problems, will get on your nerves. You'll express your deepest feelings so that your partner understands your consternation. You'll end up not saying anything if the latter doesn't listen to you.


    There won't be much of a chance to really meet someone. Venus will be there for you but she won't be strong enough in your sky for this banter to turn into something more than a temporary fling. This person will leave quicker than the he or she came along. You won't understand this or expect anything.

    Sexy tip

    You make your partner feel comfortable by putting him in control... Clever! You know how to be sweet one second and wild the next!


    You might be given cumbersome responsibilities, obligations and they'll weigh you down. Some clashes while making decisions will make you keep a low profile so that you don't fight with a colleague.

    Your finances

    It's up to you to check everything going on in your accounts as you could come across calculation errors or uncertainties due to a particular situation. Despite everything, you won't need to worry much about anything. You'll fall back on your feet.

    Your lucky number




    You would really like to be part of this group. You'll be asked to prove your credentials and get a recommendation. You'll find this too complicated.


    Reconciliation with this relative will be on the right track. You won't force things, this will lead the latter to believe that it's due to him.

    Your saying

    "Nothing was ever achieved in this world without passion." Hegel


    In order to overcome fatigue, opt for vitamins to strengthen your natural defense.

    Your color

    For beautifully intense eyes, dark and bronzed skins are advised to wear lapis lazuli-colored eye shadow.

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