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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- October 22nd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Spicing up your routine is the best thing to do if you want to forget about your problems. Doing something different will bring you and your partner closer together today. Why don't you take your other half out for a nice romantic meal instead of eating at home tonight? He or she would very much like that! And seeing your lover happy is very reassuring...


    You could meet someone interesting, but you're unlikely to want anything serious with that person. You're not quite ready to give up your independence just yet! You love your freedom far too much to settle down in a relationship. Try to find out more about that person. They could pleasantly surprise you... Give them the chance to earn your trust. Who knows what could happen next!

    Sexy tip

    Watch an erotic film together to get the evening started. You will know exactly how to take it from there...


    You're sick and tired of doing the same thing all the time. You'd love to find a new job, you're brave enough to take risks but you don't quite know where to start looking just yet. Ask someone you know to share their influential contacts with you...

    Your finances

    Keep your impulses under control! Please try not to buy pointless electronic devices today. But don't worry yourself sick over your current financial difficulties. Hard times don't last forever. A parent, brother or uncle will not hesitate to lend you money if you're really struggling.

    Your lucky number




    A conversation with a friend could help you figure out the true nature of a mutual acquaintance of yours. Just make sure they're telling the truth before deleting that person off your life!


    Keep your distance from a parent who tries to find out more about your private life in order to criticize your decisions! You two could clash this Monday...

    Your saying

    "Let us not despise glory too much: nothing is more beautiful than it is but virtue. " Chateaubriand


    Exercise outdoors, for a change. A different workout routine from usual will have a great impact on your body.

    Your color

    Magenta will give you this bright, optimistic look you're after!

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