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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- October 19th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Money makes the world go round. You cannot go one single meal without talking about your finances! Your partner spends far too much cash for your liking... You two won't stop arguing over how to manage your budget! You love having the last world, and you won't back down until your lover admits their mistakes. But that won't happen anytime soon either! Try not to go to bed angry at each other...


    This great love story you cannot stop dreaming about may be closer than you think. Don't be too demanding with people you barely know if you don't want to scare away someone who may well turn out to be your Mr. or Mrs. Right. Spend the day with friends and enjoy being introduced to new people. You will be in such a good mood this evening!

    Sexy tip

    Use words to turn him on, be romantic, crude, whatever you want but just say something! It really works...


    Please be patient in this domain. Finding a new job may take longer than you first thought. You're tempted by a new career as a salesperson. Don't hesitate to ask some of the influential people you know for a bit of help getting the ball rolling!

    Your finances

    You have to pay your bills on time, there's no two ways about it! You find it hard not to worry about your current financial situation. Talk to your partner about your concerns, they're a lot more understanding than you think. Your finances are stable enough, despite what you believe.

    Your lucky number




    Don't pay too much attention to what your friends think, even if you love them. Stay true to yourself, don't let anyone bully you into changing what you believe in.


    The sooner you stop caring about what other people think the better. Your family keeps trying to change you as a person. Stay away from your loved ones.

    Your saying

    "It's better to love and be hurt than to be hurt because you've never loved." English proverb


    A gentle physical activity such as swimming would do you a lot of good. And please have a rest too! Both your mind and body are desperate for it.

    Your color

    Lively and pinkish, berry red will put the spotlight on your lips.

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