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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- October 12th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship has seen better days... Under the influence of Saturn in Capricorn, you will find it extremely difficult to make yourself heard at home! Your partner will categorically refuse to do the things you ask them to do... You two could argue about whose turn it is to clean the house or take the trash out!


    You've been single for longer than expected now. Saturn in Capricorn will cause you to feel nostalgic of the past today. You cannot help but feel like you're responsible for the failure of your last relationship! If only you had behaved differently... You don't realize it, but not letting go of the past is what is currently preventing you from finding a new lover.

    Sexy tip

    A nurse outfit with nothing underneath it, I bet your partner will soon fall ill!


    Those of you looking for a job must be patient. You don't really get on with your colleagues and you're bored of doing the same thing day in, day out. You cannot wait to find a job you love! You could decide to apply for a new role today.

    Your finances

    You must be sensible with money if you're in-between two jobs. Avoid buying things you don't need and try to fix broken items yourself before paying somebody else to do it for you. Also, try not to go out with your friends as much as you're used to!

    Your lucky number




    People generally love you, but you feel like one of your friends tends to go missing unless he or she needs something from you. You don't like that at all!


    You're always happy to lend your loved ones a helping hand, but nobody's around when you're the one in need of support. Annoying...

    Your saying

    "The honorable man starts by applying what he wants to teach; only after can he teach it." Chinese proverb


    Worrying about your problems will eventually affect your mood. A bit of exercise would do you a world of good.

    Your color

    Greeny-yellow is a fashionable kaki in what is proving to be a very military-trendy year.

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