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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- October 7th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're looking for a stronger psychological connection with your partner. Find way to improve your everyday life together. Whose turn is it to clean and tidy the house? How could you stretch your household income further? Interesting conversations will be in the cards today. Grab the opportunity to understand what isn't going right between you two!


    You're desperately looking for the love of your life! Please don't press the panic button just yet, my Libra friend. Meet as many new people as you can, even if you know full well that you're never going to see most of them again. Feeling nostalgic, the planets will encourage you to get back in touch with an ex. Never underestimate how attractive you are!

    Sexy tip

    Lively sex will do you a world of good by bringing your levels of aggression down! Take control of the situation: ride him!


    You're bored of doing the same thing day in, day out, but you cannot afford to be unemployed! Finding a job you love is proving a lot more difficult than first thought. The job market is incredibly competitive! And some people are trying their best to thwart your initiatives...

    Your finances

    A bit of common sense could help you save a considerable amount of money! You're pretty sensible by nature, and you should once again manage to pay all your bills on time. Stop worrying about problems that don't even exist, my Libra friend!

    Your lucky number




    You love your friends, but you've come to the conclusion that one of them isn't on the same page as you anymore. A friendship is slowly but surely coming to an end...


    A benign conversation with a family member could turn into a massive argument. You will refuse to listen of one of your parents' advice today...

    Your saying

    "The sponge absorbs, but it must be squeezed to express itself." German proverb


    Worrying as much as you do is incredibly tiring... You need to go out more, my Libra friend!

    Your color

    Red coral and orangey-red will brighten up bronzed skins and make you feel like you're still on vacation!

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