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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- August 27th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Every relationship has its own issues from time to time. But that doesn't mean that you and your partner should scream at each other every time yours is struggling! Having a peaceful conversation will help you find the solutions to your sentimental problems. It won't be easy, but you should be able to find how to move your union forward together.


    Why don't you try ignoring your feelings, for a change? There's no point in running after someone who doesn't want to be with you. Enjoy a little break in this domain. Let your hair down, have some fun. You know what they say, love always comes knocking when you've stopped looking for it...

    Sexy tip

    You're drooling over your plans for tonight... Enjoy yourself! Don't skip foreplay, enjoy what your partner's body has to offer!


    Incredibly motivated, you're ready to roll your sleeves up and enjoy a productive day in the office. Your colleagues are as eager as you are to bring a group project to completion. You will truly enjoy cooperating with one another this Monday.

    Your finances

    Expect good news in this domain. Jupiter in your house II will help you find the solutions to your financial problems if you've been struggling recently. You could be offered a loan or pay rise. You will feel a lot more relaxed as a result today.

    Your lucky number




    Don't reveal too much about yourself. Don't share your secrets with your friends, people love talking about you behind your back!


    Don't make promises to your family if you're not able to keep them. Your loved ones will really be angry with you for letting them down.

    Your saying

    "The wheel that turns doesn't get rusty." Greek proverb


    You're too stressed one second and uncontrollably giddy the next. Sleeping in a funny position may leave you with a stiff neck or sore back.

    Your color

    From mauve to violet via wisteria, purple is the trendy color to wear for an innocent look.

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