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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- August 19th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    In a very cuddly mood, you will do everything in your power to melt your partner's little heart. You will not hesitate to show off how charming and sexy you can be this Sunday... Some of your initiatives may be clumsy at times, but they will make your partner smile, trust us! You two will truly enjoy spending time under the quilt today...


    You feel like letting your hair down and fulfilling some of your sentimental desires today. You wouldn't say no to one-night stand this Sunday, that's for sure... Why shouldn't you have a bit of fun if you feel like it? You're allowed to have sex with people you don't see as potential long-term partners, you know...

    Sexy tip

    Who knows what turns you on better than yourself? Take control and express your desires! Caress every single inch of your partner's body. Whisper what you're going to do to him...


    You're too busy looking after your love life to care about your career today. You're not in the mood to socialize with colleagues or potential business partners. Just because it's Sunday doesn't mean you should neglect your professional responsibilities!

    Your finances

    You will make the right choices in this domain. Of course, money won't fall into your lap and plenty of hard work will be required for your projects to be successful. But you have everything it takes to make the most of the opportunities coming your way.

    Your lucky number




    You will find it easy to fit it a group of strangers today. You will enjoy chatting to someone who will teach you a lot about yourself and life in general.


    You know how to spice up the lives of your loved ones. You're the only one coming up with ideas, taking initiatives and making decisions under your roof!

    Your saying

    "Patience is the art of hoping." Vauvenargues


    You're on top of your game, but learn how to channel your energy. Take the time to relax after every time you've done something productive!

    Your color

    A smooth sage-green on your nails or accessories will calm you down.

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