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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- July 30th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The month is coming to a close, and, you must admit, it wasn't an easy one. You may have been assailed by nostalgic ideas, and the fear of seeing your relationship get off track gave you cold sweats. But it was mostly just a scare. You can see how solid your relationship is, even if the problem of routine still hasn't been solved.


    You might be attracted to someone who's already in a relationship and is dangling some promises in front of you. Watch out for romantic illusions, because the stars aren't done slowing down your romantic momentum. You'd do better to wait for the right person, because you're still feeling the effects of a previous relationship that sticks in your throat.

    Sexy tip

    Buying the Kama Sutra would be a good start if you want to get rid of some of your old sexual habits... Or you could always give sex toys and accessories a try!


    The change you've been waiting for is happening. Finally, you know that you're getting out of this situation. Bad blood with a colleague might be the source of your relieving decision.

    Your finances

    With the month of expenditures underway, you've decided in the end to spend as little as possible. Your expenses are limited to your costs, bills, and your children's educations. Your hobbies will have to wait.

    Your lucky number




    Your social life is reeling, but you need to let life take its course. Destiny is sending you signs about friendships that are no longer worth the trouble.


    There's a strange atmosphere among your family that makes you realize that you're no longer on the same wavelength as your loved ones.

    Your saying

    "It's better to hop along the right way than walk quickly down the wrong one." Saint-Augustin


    Your need to move your body is pushing you to do things outdoors. A little walk in nature would do you good.

    Your color

    French blue stockings will put the spotlight on your legs... So trendy and classy!

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