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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- May 10th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The trine from Mercury to Saturn helps you clear up a few misunderstandings holding your relationship back. A calm, peaceful and honest conversation with your significant other will do your love life a world of good. Your other half could accuse you of being slightly too distant these days... Make sure you accept constructive criticism!


    With the Moon in Taurus filling you with energy, moving your career forward is your priority on this opening day of the week. You will be far too busy working hard to fall in love! Don't worry, Venus in Gemini will continue to make you more charming than ever before until June 1st. You've plenty of time to bump into your soul mate by then!

    Sexy tip

    Rub your body again his, gently bite his buttocks... A hint of sensuality, naughty words whispered into his ear... Let's get this party started!


    You try slightly too hard to attract attention in the workplace! Blame it on the Moon/Uranus duo, my Leo friend... Your collaborators aren't exactly impressed with your attempts to outshine them! In fact, they could spend most of the day criticizing you behind your back...

    Your finances

    As far as your finances are concerned, avoid making reckless decisions if you don't want to get a worried phone call from the bank! Landing a promotion, or finding a job if you're unemployed, is the only thing on your mind. Show what you're capable of!

    Your lucky number




    Mercury and Venus in Gemini want you to make the most of what life has to offer with your friends. Video calls are a great way to stay in touch with those who live far way.


    You don't really like the way your family always expects you not only to cook for them, but to do the dishes afterwards too... You're not anyone's maid!

    Your saying

    « Luck is a coincidence, happiness a vocation » Alexandru Vlahuta


    The Moon/Uranus/Sun trio in Taurus will make you even more stubborn than usual! You're hard to live with at times.

    Your color

    Cherry red nail varnish will spice up a slightly dull outfit.

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