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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- April 2nd, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Positive vibes from Venus are encouraging you to put your partner's needs before your own today. That said, you'll do so through gritted teeth and your partner will be able to tell that your heart's not in it. Saturn is rocking the boat on the romance front and you could end up getting your wires crossed by the end of the day. It's touch and go at the moment...


    The astral configuration is far from calm so you can expect mood swings and changes of plan in your love life today. Venus is turning you into a sex machine but the Moon-Mars opposition is zapping you of your interpersonal skills. If you're looking for a one night stand then you're in luck but if you're looking for true love then you'll only be disappointed.

    Sexy tip

    Give ginseng a try, it's great for your libido and sex life! Use all of your senses to discover another side of your partner...


    Mars is turning you into a bossy boots whilst Saturn is ruining your productivity levels so it goes without saying that today is not your lucky day. You're running on empty and taking your exhaustion out on your poor colleagues by offloading your work onto them.

    Your finances

    The Mercury-Pluto sextile is encouraging you to use your brainpower for the benefit of your finances today. You're thinking clearly for the first time in a long time and you're getting ready to embark upon a new business venture. Watch this space...

    Your lucky number




    The weekend is fast approaching and you have plenty of fun activities lined up with your pals. The only downside is that your fiery temper could throw a spanner in the works.


    The direct opposition of the Moon and Mars is making you a tad oversensitive. Communication is not your forte at the best of times so please be careful...

    Your saying

    « We only admit our small flaws to convince everyone we don't have big ones » La Rochefoucauld


    Your moods are at an all time low and nothing will go according to plan today. Don't let negative thinking get the better of you!

    Your color

    Comforting and modern, amaranthine is a wonderful color for your nails.

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