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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- February 23rd, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    If your couple is coming across serious issues, due to Neptune's astral disturbances, you may see separation or divorce as a pragmatic solution. You'll have questions in mind and will answer these...of course with your own answers! Aren't you going round in circles...?


    I prefer to be good friends...When you hear this sentence today, the sky is literally going to fall on your head. You didn't think this would happen to you. Someone is going to shock you though. You wanted to steal this person's heart but it'll be a straight no for a friendship. End clap...

    Sexy tip

    You will dress to impress and unveil your passionate side in the evening. Wear a blindfold and tell him that you're all his.


    Buddy Leo, if you manage a strategic job or supervise, there will be major commotion...Indeed, you may undergo ideological bombarding from your superiors. You won't say anything but won't think less...

    Your finances

    Today the sector of investments isn't going to be very favorable. Buddy Leo, without having to say that it'll be a financial collapse, you may still end up losing some bucks, mainly in stocks or real-estate...

    Your lucky number




    I am unique...In fact my background is unique! One of your friends' will reply: me too! You'll answer back: yes but for me...it's true!


    You'll claim that your family isn't the best of family...Not really in any case! You'll hold a grudge against several loved ones.

    Your saying

    « One can be intelligent his whole life and stupid for an instant » Chinese saying


    In the presence of the asteroid Juno, your nerves may tighten and your back could be more sensitive than usual...

    Your color

    Turkey red on your lips will make you look hot like an oriental belly dancer!

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