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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- February 22nd, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Due to an intrusive Mars, you'll think about your ex or your singleton past. You won't be capable of handling problems through communication. This isn't a great day...A negative wind blows in your couple. You'll seem extremely sad. This is the reason why, clashes are in sight!


    A fling may turn into a sensitive affair. Well, you thought you had time for this person. Time to discover his/her facets, time to listen to your own feelings etc. Today, one won't talk about a trap, even less an ultimatum. However, you need to answer his/her difficult question.

    Sexy tip

    The answer will be a resounding YES, but only if you don't waste any time! Don't let an exciting and unexpected opportunity slip through your fingers.


    Jaded, completely discouraged, you don't try to look better than your colleagues anymore. Your motivation falls in line. You will work through the almost famous way: the daily grind!

    Your finances

    Mechanical trouble with the car, domestic hassles, you'll lack money for repairs or changes. Due to which, this day is going to lead to a lot of stress. You'll regret not having put money on the side.

    Your lucky number




    Due to insensitive buddies, you may be stuck at the heart of a mess and you won't understand anything about it and it won't be your fault...


    Buddy Leo, today each one will tend to their duties or activities without worrying about the other person...Mutual help 0 egoism 1! So sad...

    Your saying

    « In all initiatives, it is the beginning that must be the most carefully thought out » Shu Ji


    If you get too involved in the issues of your loved ones, your moral is going to decrease. Mars's blow is going to use up your energy.

    Your color

    A minty nail varnish will freshen up your appearance.

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