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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- January 5th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    It's easy for everyone how happy you are, my Leo friend! You love your other half more than life itself. Your relationship couldn't feel more fulfilling right now. Saturn will bring you two even closer together today. You could talk about having a baby... Why not? You both want to expand your little family!


    The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, trine the Moon, could once again make it hard for you to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. Why are you so serious all the time, my Leo friend? The sooner you realize how charming and attractive you are the better. How can anybody to love you if you don't even love yourself in the first place? Positivity breeds positivity, remember!

    Sexy tip

    You can be as bold and daring as you want. Passion will take over! Don't hesitate to express your expectations. You won't be disappointed!


    Two planetary conjunctions forming squares with Uranus and Mars will trigger unwanted changes in the workplace. This isn't the right time to take initiatives, my Leo friend... Wait for the start of a more positive period to get out of your little shell!

    Your finances

    The professional problems you're currently forced to deal with are likely to have a negative impact on your finances. Those two domains often go hand in hand... Tighten your belt for the time being. Nothing bad ever lasts forever, remember!

    Your lucky number




    You're delighted to go out for dinner with your friends. You will be the life and soul of the party, as always! There's nothing you love more than socializing.


    You're tired and you don't have much to say to your family... You'll listen a lot more than you'll talk around the dinner table tonight, for a change.

    Your saying

    "A moment of patience can prevent great misfortunes, a moment of impatience can destroy an entire life." Chinese proverb


    You feel like your life is on the right track one second and spiraling out of control the next. A mixed day for your mental health.

    Your color

    Vanilla will brighten up your looks and enhance your eyes. Classy!

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