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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- December 26th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    It's make your mind up time today! Your mind is full of doubts and you're no longer sure if you see a future between yourself and your other half. Tensions are rising in your home life and the lack of communication will only add insult to injury. If you want this love story to get back on track then you'll have to extend an olive branch.


    If your love interest is a Cancer sign then it's no wonder your head's in a spin! You have high hopes for this budding romance and are listening to your instincts to guide you down the right path. You're getting on like a house on fire and there's even talk of a second or third date this week. The only downside is that their ex is still on the scene so please bear that in mind...

    Sexy tip

    You're not really inspired, sensual or creative in bed... You don't exactly come across as a sensual person at first glance... Come on, make an effort!


    You're always in control of the situation, no matter how many curveballs are thrown at you. Your colleagues will ask for your guidance during an unforeseen emergency today and you'll waste no time in coming to their rescue. Keep an eye on your schedule though...

    Your finances

    You've let the financial opportunity of a lifetime pass you by so you're no doubt kicking yourself. You've made a string of costly errors recently and your finances are in dire straits as a result. Proceed with caution and make sure you cover your back.

    Your lucky number




    You're an emotional wreck at the moment and your friends are finding you hard work. Your clingy behavior could cause a few problems today.


    You depend far too much on a certain family member and your clingy behavior is starting to get on their nerves. It's time to stand on your own two feet.

    Your saying

    "We often forget a good deed because the benefactor remembers it." Malesherbes


    The festive period is almost over and you're struggling to get back on track. It feels like an anticlimax.

    Your color

    A deep, slightly brownish color, banana yellow warms up every outfit and skin complexion!

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