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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- November 30th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll grumble, as it can happen to anyone to forget to send a message and you won't understand what your partner means with his/her unjustified rebukes. Your sweetheart will nitpick, you'll be sure of this. One of you will be mistaken by talking about a problem, which is hiding another one.


    You won't look for true love but you'll dream about it. Due to Venus who'll sulk, a potential encounter will turn out to be disappointing even divisive. After a brief period of idealization, you may come back to reality in a brutal way. You won't have the strength to respond to someone else.

    Sexy tip

    Your wild nature must not lead you to become too hasty. Take the time to enjoy life! Set the scene: subdued lights, relaxing music...


    You'll work on seduction and communication to get some leeway and responsibilities. Uranus will support your most unique initiatives and encourage modernizing your working methods.

    Your finances

    You'll be on the rack. Your accounts will be combed through and you won't know what awaits you. You'll succeed at the hearing with flying colors and one will trust you again. In case of a problem, an amount of money will be available soon.

    Your lucky number




    You'll activate your presence on social networks. You'll joke around with your friends. You'll create interactions with useful relations.


    These fights with your brothers and sisters will get on your nerves but you'll also be a glutton for punishment as you'll provoke them on a sensitive issue.

    Your saying

    "You can only respect a man who respects himself." Honoré de Balzac


    Your energy will come in blows. You'll need to slow down your pace so that you can preserve yourself until you sleep.

    Your color

    Ocher is a bright and luminous color, ideal for brown and red-haired fashion addicts!

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