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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- November 28th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll spend some time together, you'll plan a common project that you'll want to realize. It'll be the right moment to express yourself, talk about your feelings and your emotions. You'll be able to talk honestly. Your partner may urge you more often, need you more than ever.


    Path taken by Mercury and Venus will nourish your desire to meet someone. You won't know which criteria to choose in the suggested list. You'll head straight for the photos, which is more interesting according to you, to get an idea on the suitors. One of them will answer your nudge, to see if you hit it off.

    Sexy tip

    Your need to be the one in charge at all times could even follow you in the bedroom. You simply want to introduce your partner to new sensations, that's all!


    Jupiter in your 6th house will give you the wonderful desire to fight and develop your activity. You may receive an interesting offer, and you'll be delighted if you're looking for a job or wish to change.

    Your finances

    Expected money inflow will be delayed. You'll need to re-negotiate amounts and time periods. You'll have to build a new case. Mercury will open the door to achieve satisfaction but won't be able to speed up the movement.

    Your lucky number




    You'll take a break from your social life as it'll bore you more than it satisfies you. An invitation will be far from your home.


    You won't be passionate about this debate in the family, as you would have already spoken about this topic. Once again, one will talk about it around the table.

    Your saying

    "One is never punished for killing someone with laughter." Chinese proverb


    If you're at loss of energy, don't fight it. It means you need to meditate or relax to feel better.

    Your color

    A dark and shiny black sheath dress or fitted jacket will give you a chic and glamorous look!

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