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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- November 2nd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll be in a guiding dynamic with your partner. You'll decide everything, boosted by Sun in Scorpio, who won't see any differences with your disagreements. Through happiness, your sweetheart will be more accommodating and will peacefully wait for you to become your natural self, to bill and coo together.


    How to tell this suitor that you're not available, while you said the opposite during your initial messages? You'll have excuses which shouldn't harm your reputation, you'll feel that you'll need to be honest so that you don't lose this person. You'll be delighted as this person will wait.

    Sexy tip

    A lack of energy? Try a massage with essential oils. Enjoy your partner's hands slowly caressing your body...


    Your skills will call the shots. You'll assert these but if you don't take the obligations of your colleagues into account, you may set some people against you. You'll need to find a general agreement to avoid clashes in your work relations.

    Your finances

    You won't necessarily have a shrewd eye in terms of your finances with Neptune, in your money management sector. This is why you need to be attentive and don't hesitate calling upon an adviser to guide you.

    Your lucky number




    You won't give any importance to these little glitches among friends. You're right in doing so, as you'll patch up more quickly.


    You'll accept the ideas of your loved ones but you'll ask them to accept yours as well. You'll have a tough time getting out of this family debate.

    Your saying

    "Spoken words vanish, written words stay forever." Latin proverb


    Much more reasonable, you'll feel the need to take care of yourself. Tempering yourself will seem essential.

    Your color

    Copper and gold eye shadow will suit tanned skins down to a T.

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