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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- June 28th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship is as solid as a rock and you're convinced that you and your partner are made for each other. You have high hopes for your future together and your life as a couple is getting better and better by the day. You have no qualms in wearing your heart on your sleeve as you know that your partner will never let you down. Love is in the air!


    Your powers of seduction know no bounds and you've hit it off from the word Go with someone new. The lucky person may be someone you've met through work or mutual friends. Remember the importance of taking it slowly if you want to give his romance the best chance of survival. Jumping the gun won't do you any favors.

    Sexy tip

    You're not exactly responsive to high-intensity and electric exchanges in the bedroom... Don't let your problems affect your personal life.


    It's make your mind up time at work today as your projects are hanging in the balance. You've found yourself down a dead end path with your tasks and you'll need to think outside of the box in order to find a solution. On the upside, your relationship with your colleagues are vastly improving.

    Your finances

    If you're on the verge of giving in to your desires and heading out on a shopping spree then please think again! Today is not the day for careless mistakes as your bank balance is in dire straits as it is. It's frustrating but there's no way around it.

    Your lucky number




    Your strong opinions could cause you to come to blows with your friends today. If you don't learn to hold your tongue then you'll only have yourself to blame when sparks fly.


    The day will fly by in the company of your loved ones. You're all in good spirits and full of bright ideas for fun activities to enjoy together.

    Your saying

    « A bird's song doesn't echo forever. A man dies, but his legacy survives » Chinese saying


    The weight is creeping back on and you realize that it's time to take action. It's a case of mind over matter.

    Your color

    Bright golden blond will give your hair the sexy and sensual look you're looking for!

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