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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- April 27th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You and your partner have probably been on edge recently, but you're not giving up. You're choosing to climb back up the hill. For the well-being of your relationship, you'll invite your partner out on a romantic date.


    You don't want to be forced to do anything. If you don't feel like going out, that's your choice. You need some time to yourself, to think about your feelings.

    Sexy tip

    Why don't you use your intuition to bring one of his fantasies to life? Tell your partner he's got nothing to feel guilty about!


    Don't mix personal life and career unless you want to find yourself trapped between emotions and reason. Certain jealousies might force you to change some of your habits.

    Your finances

    If you decide to gamble today, luck is likely on your side. Our dear Jupiter is protecting your finances, but that doesn't mean you should go whole hog out there. Be reasonable.

    Your lucky number




    You might find yourself getting in arguments with your friends today over the slightest things.


    A family member you haven't seen in a long time might pay you a surprise visit, and you'll be overjoyed.

    Your saying

    « The sacred recipe for positivism: love as a principle, order as a foundation and progress as an aim » August Comte


    You're tense today. You could fly off the handle at the slightest problem. Try to switch into relax mode.

    Your color

    Very trendy this year, duck blue goes so well with all kinds of neutral colors!

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