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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- February 21st, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Saying some passionate words to your sweetheart will seem enough and reassuring to you, so that he/she doesn't annoy you. Theoretically, there should be a little more communication, to agree. Indeed, you'll completely forget about this evening that you had planned together, to end the day romantically.


    This suitor will be willing to meet you, but will prefer meeting you during the evening than late afternoon. You planned an outing and won't feel like changing your plans. You won't make any efforts to sacrifice the time you put aside for your friends for a romance, but without you doing anything, things could go down the drain...

    Sexy tip

    Have you ever made love outdoors or in an unusual place? Be as original as you can, you won't regret it!


    Mars will boost your actions and ambitions. Shorten discussions if possible and take action. Don't forget to take your colleagues into account otherwise you won't move forward quickly due to lack of partnership.

    Your finances

    After some progress, your finances come across a hitch. It's due to the Sun,Mercury and Neptune trio who shall trigger misunderstandings in administration, legal or financial matters. You may need to justify yourself.

    Your lucky number




    It's lovely to move with the times. Would this be a reason to talk with your friends through text messages, instead of directly talking.


    You won't like this relative trying to make you skate on thin ice. You'll sense a little family manipulation.

    Your saying

    « A wise person asks himself the reasons of his mistakes, an insane one asks others » Chinese saying.


    You'll look for new means to exert your energy, you'll test out activities, without feeling tired at all.

    Your color

    From almost white to brownish, beige is always a good idea!

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