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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- January 9th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your sex life is in desperate need of a boost. You miss how you and your partner couldn't keep your hands off each other back in the good old days. Look for ways to surprise your significant other. Why not treat yourself to a makeover? Take original initiatives in the bedroom. Don't be afraid to make your other half blush, my Leo friend!


    You've been hurt too many times in the past, my Leo friend. You're terrified of falling in love! Yet, you could bump into someone special who will instantly melt your little heart today. You didn't know it was possible to feel so attracted to a complete stranger! Keep your eyes peeled in the workplace... Dress to impress this Thursday!

    Sexy tip

    You will look for quality over quantity, which isn't really like you! The tiniest of details could put you off a potential partner...


    You could start looking for a new job. Book yourself in for a skill assessment test. You're confident about the future in this domain. You truly believe in yourself and in your abilities! You could be given the opportunity to attend a training course. Great news!

    Your finances

    Your monthly bills remain worryingly high. You're seriously advised against spending money on yourself today. Avoid taking part in your favorite hobbies if you can. A broken-down car could also cost you an unexpected amount of cash...

    Your lucky number




    Calm down and keep your thoughts to yourself. Being honest is a good thing, but being rude isn't... Not all truths need to be voiced!


    Avoid your family like the plague today. Nobody will listen to you! And you hate being ignored... You'll be better off staying alone, trust us.

    Your saying

    "Follow your heart and your face will shine for a lifetime." Egyptian proverb


    Find a way to relax following yet another incredibly busy day. You must calm yourself down before bedtime!

    Your color

    Creamy and slightly orangey, corn yellow is a great color to enhance beige and soften yellow outfits.

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