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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- January 2nd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Uranus in Taurus puts you under pressure. You're more demanding than you think. Your partner struggles to live up to your expectations. Your mood swings make them feel uncomfortable. Your sex life is disappointing. Use your imagination to spice things up in the bedroom! Remind your lover why they fell in love with you in the first place!


    The planets give you the opportunity to make new friends. You will enjoy meeting new people, but you're unlikely to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right just yet. Impressively eloquent, you tend to attract a lot of attention as soon as you open your mouth. People hang on your every word! Don't be afraid to host a little party tonight. You love being surround with unfamiliar faces!

    Sexy tip

    You go straight to the point, there's no beating around the bush with you! No foreplay, you skip straight through to dessert!


    One of your colleagues is becoming a real friend. You love collaborating with people you can trust. Mercury in Sagittarius will make it easy for you to speak out during meetings. The people you work with will enjoy listening to your ideas!

    Your finances

    Going out with friends isn't cheap! And neither is travelling up and down the country... With Mercury and Sagittarius, you find it impossible to stand still at the minute. You're not afraid to jump on a train or plane to spend a few hours with someone you haven't seen in ages!

    Your lucky number




    You will enjoy meeting all kinds of new faces today. Accept every single offer to go out and enjoy yourself this Thursday. Socializing makes you so happy!


    You're in such a good mood! You will enjoy a nice cultural outing with a friend. You two are inseparable at the minute! How heartwarming...

    Your saying

    "Nothing was ever achieved in this world without passion." Hegel


    You're full of energy! But stress could threaten to get the better of you at times... Avoid noisy environments.

    Your color

    Mysterious and sexy, opt for a fiery red lipstick!

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