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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- September 28th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll feel like seducing one another mutually, to prove that desire is still part of your couple life. Then you'll be tired of this contentious atmosphere, which would have discouraged your romantic fervor. You don't want sexuality to be just part of your memories, you'll bank on sensuality.


    Novelty in your love life will be possible but in your own way. Indeed, Venus will lounge around in Libra which will give you the desire to seduce. But you won't actually consider a serious relationship, at least not yet. You're usually impassioned at once, but this time you'll take it slow, with Mars in Virgo.

    Sexy tip

    It's time your partner got arrested... Get your handcuffs out! Spice up your sex life, but please try not to go too far!


    Everything will move forward very slowly at work, unless you work in trade. You'll take the opportunity to get up to speed with your professional dissatisfaction. You'll begin to get info and consider changing companies.

    Your finances

    Due to a potential move or doing some works at home before winter, you'll ask for quotes and will mostly save money on the side. You'll know your priorities very well and you'll give yourself the means to succeed.

    Your lucky number




    As you're not sure about being present, you'll say no to this invitation, without saying that you won't feel like seeing certain people.


    You'll shake up a loved one as you'll like this person to get moving a little more. You'll be tired of seeing the latter always bank on family support.

    Your saying

    "Light exists in obscurity; don't look on the dark side of life." Koan zen


    You'll learn at the expense of yourself that energy has its limits if you were to go overboard

    Your color

    If you're a brunette with light eyes, amethyst will intensify your beautiful eyes.

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