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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- September 12th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your regrets will seem sincere and this is true. Your sweetheart won't be mistaken and will recognize the hints of honesty, so well that the latter will forgive you for everything but will ask you not to think about the past, which shall suit you. Hand in hand, you'll get rid of this negative atmosphere and make room for the Sun in your hearts.


    You won't be able to resume this relationship and won't feel like it. It'll leave a bitter taste as you'll have the impression that you could have understood one another, in the absence of love. You'll learn a lesson from your mistakes and won't do the same thing again with a new fling, so that you give your love life a shot.

    Sexy tip

    For once, don't go straight to the point. Be a little subtler... Take the time to enjoy each other's bodies tonight!


    You'll feel that things are moving forward slowly and you'll need more time to achieve your goals. Useless getting ahead of yourself, especially since nobody is pressuring you, except for yourself and you'll be great at it.

    Your finances

    Irritated by the unexpected costs, while it would have been better setting your accounts right, you won't have any other solution than to stop the expenses. You'll come up with ideas to earn money, but this won't happen on its own.

    Your lucky number




    Each one will remain in their place, without indiscretion, with less comments or useful remarks which will make your relations harmonious.


    You'll keep your cool in those areas where one will expect you to get on your high horse. You'll notice that an impassive attitude favors exchanges.

    Your saying

    "Our brains are filled with calculations that we like to call hopes." Plato


    In terms of your body, keep an eye on your throat. If you were to catch it on time, you'll only favor better well-being.

    Your color

    Chic and natural, burnt sienna is the perfect color for your leather clothes!

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