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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- September 9th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're not the type to develop resentment and you'll confirm this. This won't have anything to do with bitterness, but your pride took a hit and you can't stand this. You'll give too much importance while kisses bring you so much happiness. Your sweetheart will take action to patch things up.


    You'll be angry with love and not the other way around. By changing your interpretation on your emotional misfortune, you're going to attract singletons looking for their better half. Among them, you'll meet someone with whom you'll prolong the conversation. You'll forget about your past for this little fling.

    Sexy tip

    You know how to be sweet as a lamb in order to get what you want in this domain! A candlelit dinner in a romantic setting... Yes please!


    You'll rediscover a good mindset but also the required willingness to initiate actions which are of utmost importance and mean a lot to you. Very good intuition will guide you and you'd better make use of this.

    Your finances

    You'll go through a turbulent period in terms of finances. Watch out for promises which aren't kept and breach of trust. Keep your eyes open if one tries to convince you on a golden opportunity and see who you're dealing with.

    Your lucky number




    You won't have enough time for friendships and it won't be your priority. Your contacts will help you forge ties which are useful, rather than futile.


    There will be clashes in your discussions and misunderstandings in your family. You might be blamed for going overboard or asking for too much.

    Your saying

    "More grows in a garden than the seeds planted by the gardener." Spanish proverb


    You'll sleep better, realizing that a good night's sleep is important to feel good about yourself.

    Your color

    French blue stockings will put the spotlight on your legs... So trendy and classy!

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