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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- July 6th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner could quickly become jealous of how much attention you're currently attracting. Minor arguments could be in the cards as a result. Don't joke about cheating on your other half, my Leo friend! They're scared enough of being abandoned as it is... Provide your lover with all the reassurance they need. A romantic and sensual evening would be more than welcome!


    Spending time with your friends will make you incredibly happy. You're not interested in a serious relationship right now. All you care about is having as much fun as you can! You could unexpectedly start flirting with a friend or new acquaintance today! Let your hair down and don't ask yourself too many questions. Take life one day at a time!

    Sexy tip

    Foreplay will go on for hours and hours, much to your delight. Take your time, let your hair down and enjoy yourself!


    Ambitious by nature, you could decide to start looking for a better job this Saturday. Be careful not to be too kind for your own good in the workplace. You spend too much time helping your colleagues and not enough working on your own projects!

    Your finances

    An expensive day is in the cards! Your usual bills need paying, and you're in the mood to splash the cash in order to impress someone who has caught your eye or take part in your favorite hobbies. Can some of those expenses wait until next month?

    Your lucky number




    You're very supportive, but you can get too involved in other people's problems at times. Stop telling one of your friends what to do! You're getting on their nerves.


    You're too honest for your own good at times. Don't get involved in family disputes that have nothing to do with you. You mean well, but you're annoying everybody!

    Your saying

    « Passion burns the strongest of promises like fire burns light straw » William Shakespeare


    You could unexpectedly run out of gas today. You've been so busy lately! Take a break this Saturday.

    Your color

    Prussian blue goes wonderfully well with all neutral colors. Go for it!

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