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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- June 21st, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Communication is slowly but surely improving in your relationship but you know that you're not out of the danger zone just yet. There is still plenty of room for improvement but the good news is that you're both willing to do whatever it takes. You love your partner to bits and you can't imagine life without them. It could be much worse!


    If you are required to travel abroad with one of your work colleagues to attend a seminar then there is a high chance that you'll get up to no good while you're away. There is very little hope of this romance continuing when you return home but that's no reason to deprive yourself of a little fun in the meantime. Just make sure your boss doesn't find out!

    Sexy tip

    Love is more than a duty, it's first and foremost a real delight! Don't be indecisive and take initiatives if you don't want to feel frustrated in this domain.


    An encounter with an influential person from your line of work will open new doors for your career today. If you get offered a new position then it could be a sign that destiny has bigger plans for you. Your managerial skills are about to be put to the test so make sure you're prepared!

    Your finances

    If you've recently gone into business with a friend then you can expect everything to start falling into place today. You've put your heart and soul into the project and your friendship has gone from strength to strength as a result of this collaboration. It's good news all round!

    Your lucky number




    One friend in particular will be a source of inspiration to you today. Their ability to look on the bright side never fails to motivate you and spur you on.


    You're doing everything you can to ensure that your children stay happy, healthy and grounded. You're always on hand to talk their problems through with them.

    Your saying

    « He who never gives up will always reach his goals » Hou Han Shu


    You've got a lot of nervous energy but no way of using it up today. A jog round the block will help you to let off some steam.

    Your color

    A shiny and pure snow white will give you a chic yet approachable look.

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