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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- April 21st, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    After score settling and more or less turbulent explanations, it'll be time for renewal in your love life with your sweetheart. Of course, there won't be any questions about addressing issues like mundane management, but only speaking about love. You'll be so happy to spend time together that communication will make room for intimate moments.


    Finished with twisted relationships, adultery offers, this time you'll know who you're dealing with even before the suitors unveil themselves. You won't begin a relationship just to solve your loneliness. You'll be more demanding with yourself, on the quality of a fling and the willingness to turn it into great love.

    Sexy tip

    Usually, the main aim in the bedroom is to enjoy what love has to offer... Your sexual exploits will get the praise they deserve!


    None of your working partners will necessarily realize but you'll weave your web with a lot of patience to achieve your aims and satisfy your ambitions. You'll have great ideas, to top the bill.

    Your finances

    Just the idea of lacking money, will make you come out of your comfort zone and habits. You'll feel like earning more to buy some presents which will do your moral some good, but also maintain a certain reputation.

    Your lucky number




    Your honesty will be an asset and help you find a common ground with a friend. You'll be friends again, once the misunderstandings are over.


    Talking about the past will only immerse you in memories and make you feel low. Forgiving a relative will make you want to move forward.

    Your saying

    « Just like a fish cannot live without water, two lovers cannot live without one another » Guan Zi


    Your mental thoughts will make an impact on your digestive system. Pills will give you relief but won't solve the problem.

    Your color

    Azure blue shoes will make you feel like going on a little adventure, much to your delight.

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