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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- April 15th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You root out the evil, the problem is solved, you won't think about it anymore and continue moving forward. Your partner won't see things this simply and will ask for an explanation or for you apologize. The surprise will lead to misunderstandings, disappointment then anger due to your sweetheart's lack of trust.


    If you met someone recently, you might be disillusioned as you had hopes. You got along wonderfully and Bang! You'll be disturbed by an attitude and this will shatter your hopes. If you fall for someone, avoid asking your friends for advise. They'll cast a doubt and make you give up on something, even before it started.

    Sexy tip

    Talking about the most intimate of your desires will be a good way to keep the night going... Don't bother with clothes... They'll soon end up on the floor!


    You'll be like a machine. You'll be able to get organized and make the right decisions. This great context will spill over onto your professional confidence. You'll play the leader, through a generally enthusiastic atmosphere.

    Your finances

    Money will come and keep coming. Indeed you'll spend but you'll earn too. You'll come up with ideas to increase your income, combine activities and reduce expenses. However make sure you have written proof of your transactions.

    Your lucky number




    Friends of your friends will become your friends. You'll get to know them and all of you will want to meet up soon. You'll all get along so well, that you'll make plans.


    It's time to make up, if you're on bad terms. You won't address sensitive issues. The only pleasure will be to spend time together.

    Your saying

    « We learn little in victory, but a lot in defeat » Japanese saying


    You'll feel extremely boosted. You'll roar with energy and this shall be a good sign. A Leo who cribs is in great shape.

    Your color

    Klein blue gives you an electrifying look!

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