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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- April 14th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    As it'll be good to get along! Everything will be fine in your couple life. No harsh words and a relationship based on complicity and delicious intimate moments. Both of you will be on the same wavelength and on all fronts. Mars will encourage you to develop a common activity, which will make both of you very happy.


    There will be a lot of people around you and you'll fall for a beautiful being. Attraction will be in the air with this person, a look will say a lot, bodies will be magnetized. Don't insist things to see if the affair could be serious and long lasting. Intensify feelings and strengthen the complicity, step by step.

    Sexy tip

    Exquisite food, champagne and a romantic setting will send you and your partner straight to heaven!


    In order to be acknowledged, you'll be forced to step out of your comfort zone in your professional life. You'll also hope to give another image. You won't feel like following a path, that others wish you to follow.

    Your finances

    With Mercury in charge, your financial deals will be on the forefront and head towards the right direction. A negotiation will favor you. A donation, a bonus could be possible and this will top up your income.

    Your lucky number




    Mars's presence in your relational sector will show that you'll make friends in eclectic circles. You'll have common values.


    You'll change your language slightly. You'll seem more like an educationalist rather than bossy. Therefore, your exchanges will improve and tensions shall decrease.

    Your saying

    « One of the great obstacles to happiness is to expect too much of it » Fontenelle


    You'll do your best to maintain yourself in great shape. You'll avoid excesses, for a balanced lifestyle.

    Your color

    Halfway between taupe and brown, lovat green is the new color in for your nails.

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