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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- April 8th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Without restricting yourself, you'll maintain your strength of character, less authority, but more seduction and energy. You'll stay away from impulses and favor more developed emotions. A subtle mind and a docile heart will make your life much easier. This combination will do wonders, you'll gain confidence and make your partner support this project.


    After an encounter, your emotional path will come across a junction. This change in direction will shake up your bearings. You'll be worried about the reactions of your entourage, you'll decide to keep this romance a secret. You won't feel ready to hear negative or positive remarks on your love life.

    Sexy tip

    Foreplay by text messages! How could you resist? Cheeky texts can stay on your mind for the rest of the day...


    You'll aim really high without taking into account that reaching the top is going to be interspersed with obstacles. Your excessive behavior won't be able to stand contradictions. Modify your viewpoint slightly and protect your back so that you don't reach stalemate.

    Your finances

    Mercury in your financial house could trigger serious tumults, materially speaking. You'll lack elements to take action freely. Tensions will increase, clashes will be present due to promises which weren't kept and this shall shake up your finances.

    Your lucky number




    You'll cheer up more than you ask to be comforted. A kind message, a benevolent look will be enough to make you smile.


    A tug of was which has been dragging on since the past, you'll prefer calm and constructive communication, which shall help you achieve harmony.

    Your saying

    « Two feet cannot fit in one shoe » Greek saying


    You'll be dynamic with the crazy desire to do all sorts of activities. But will your body be able to keep up with the pace?

    Your color

    Scarlet red make up will make your cheeks look fresh like the morning dew!

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