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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- April 2nd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Things won't be easy in your love life. You'll repeat the same mistakes by not talking much about your projects, with your partner. You'll make promises but signs will lead to believe that you won't keep them. Nothing to do with your feelings, which will be sincere, strong and meaningful, however you won't manage spending time with your sweetheart.


    You won't delude yourself with this encounter, you might be wrong in doing so. Of course, this person is very different from your usual heart stoppers, but the latter deserves that you take some time to get to know this person. You'll have common points like loyalty, desire of committing yourself, which could herald a connection.

    Sexy tip

    Eager to enjoy yourself, you will be ready to do pretty much anything in order to get what you want. You will literally spend the night glued to each other. How exciting...


    It'll be better to forget about your current ambitions. You'll be immersed in your work, with the only mission to handle your everyday tasks, without letting yourself feel overwhelmed. There will be problems, if you were to be part of a team.

    Your finances

    Red alert with your finances. It's high time to consume differently in order to stop this financial hemorrhage. You might use this time to adopt a new philosophy with your expenses and not only during crisis situations.

    Your lucky number




    A personal confession will make you feel closer to a friend. In return, the latter will also confide a personal secret.


    In your family, events will force you to take care of your loved ones even more. You'll take upon your responsibilities, without batting an eye with love.

    Your saying

    « Pick a job you like and you will enjoy getting up every morning » Confucius


    You'll be energetic and resourceful so that you don't give up. Nature will make you recover energy.

    Your color

    Don't mix other colors with burgundy if you want to avoid fashion faux-pas.

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