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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- December 4th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship is the envy of your friends, and that doesn't displease you one bit, because it contributes to your image, which is important to you. You like to show others that you're happy and fulfilled in your relationship. You'll love each other passionately and without routine, but the depth of your feelings for one another won't prevent you from engaging in teasing and play.


    You'll forget your doubts and plunge headlong into seductive action. You're single and on a mission, and you'll take the initiative when it comes to ensuring your romantic future. Your actions will pay off in the form of a promising new relationship.

    Sexy tip

    A loud sigh can let your partner know he's doing the right thing! Your voice can be as useful as your hands. Learn how to understand each other in the bedroom!


    Make sure you have the right goal in mind! Rather than getting upset with other people, you should roll up your sleeves and get involved. You need to display determination, but you don't need to steamroll everyone else while you're at it.

    Your finances

    You'll spend away without the slightest regret. Since you've selected the presents you want to give your loved ones carefully, you'll be satisfied with your purchases, even if some of them might cost more than you expected.

    Your lucky number




    Sure, some people might be trying to provoke you, but that's all the more reason not to pay them any mind.


    In a family conflict, digging in your heels will only ignite the opposition of your loved ones. Open up and engage in a true dialogue if you want to smooth things over.

    Your saying

    "Sweetest harmony is the sound of the voice of the person you love." Jean de la Bruyère


    Your anxiety is palpable. Try to channel your nervous energy in a constructive way.

    Your color

    Greeny-yellow is a fashionable kaki in what is proving to be a very military-trendy year.

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