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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- November 2nd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You and your partner could continue to argue from time to time, but overall your relationship is a lot healthier than it has been lately. Well done for trying your best to make peace with your other half. Your union feels stronger than it has for a long time. That's usually what happens when you start trusting each other!


    You could get back in touch with an old lover of yours with who things got messy towards the end. You will find it quite enjoyable to talk to that person, and you could eventually agree to give them a second chance, on the condition that neither of you pays attention to what people may say about the fact that you're back together!

    Sexy tip

    Jealousy can either turn your partner on or put him off completely. It's all or nothing with him today. Make sure it's not nothing...


    Your colleagues will be a lot more helpful than they were yesterday, and you should find it easier to express your ideas in the workplace today. However, please remember to trust your own judgement instead of listening to the advice of people who could be desperate to see you fail!

    Your finances

    Unexpected expenses could lead to an awkward conversation with your bank today. But you will brilliantly manage to convince everyone that you have the situation under control! Ignore your spending urges this Friday: don't make things worse for yourself than they already are...

    Your lucky number




    You will enjoy spending time with wise and mature friends who you can have a sensible conversation with a lot more than with people who only think about getting drunk!


    Your parents will truly enjoy how caring and attentive to their needs you are today. You feel very close to your family at the minute!

    Your saying

    "Courage sits exactly in the middle between fear and audacity." Aristotle


    You will try your best to stay cool and relaxed today. Not wasting your energy away will seriously improve your mood!

    Your color

    A pure snow white will give you an angelic look, ideal to hid your slightly cheeky personality.

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