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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- September 17th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'd like it if your partner were on the same wavelength as you today, to know that they're ready to engage fully with you in your relationship. It won't be easy to get them to talk about this stuff, but you'll try as best you can. Why not express your true feelings to them, tell them what you feel for them?


    If you're looking for love, you risk being disappointed today. Most of the people you'll interact with today don't seem interested in a long-term relationship, but rather taking advantage of the present moment and not worrying about tomorrow. That's not the way you see things.

    Sexy tip

    Don't hesitate to share your wildest fantasies during the sexual act! Give the spread eagle position a try to reach cloud nine in record time!


    You've worked to ensure that everything goes smoothly in your work, and today you'll likely reap the fruits of your labor. Rest assured that your superiors won't fail to notice how effective you are at your job today.

    Your finances

    You won't be very at ease financially right now. The wisest thing to do would be to put as much money as possible in your savings account in order not to come up short in a few months. To top it all off, some unpaid bills might rear their ugly heads.

    Your lucky number




    You've gotten back in touch with someone in your circle that had grown apart from the group, but you're reminded how many things have changed between you.


    There's trouble brewing between members of your family today. Try to play the go-between and calm everyone down.

    Your saying

    "There's no end to purity and no beginning to sin." Indian proverb


    You're going to enter a period during which you'll feel extremely fatigued. Try to take the time to rest.

    Your color

    Dare to try a banana yellow bikini or dress on a golden skin!

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