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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- August 31st, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You wear the trousers in your relationship and your other half certainly has no qualms with that. You're busy organizing the weekend and have plenty of fun activities lines up for the two of you. You sometimes forget to ask your partner's opinion so it's a good job that they like it when you take the initiative. That said, don't be offended if they take a raincheck on that evening you've been planning...


    You've met plenty of new faces recently and it has helped you to figure out what you want from a future partner as well as what you definitely don't want! You'll decide to have a spring clean in your love life by closing the door to meaningless flings, half-hearted relationships and anyone who doesn't set your heart racing. You deserve better than that and you won't stop until you find it.

    Sexy tip

    Forget about your complexes and offer your body to your partner, he loves you like you are! Be as natural as you possibly can.


    Some unexpected changes will be made to a long term project and you'll have to think on your feet in order to keep up with the game. You feel like you've been thrown in at the deep end with a blindfold on but you'll succeed in turning the situation around to your advantage if you put your mind to it.

    Your finances

    You've got the wind in your sails at the moment and you're pleased to see that you'll end the month on a high note when it comes to your finances. Luck is on your side and there is a high chance that you'll come into some cash unexpectedly today. Try to save it rather than spend it!

    Your lucky number




    You'll find yourself in high demand this Friday. Your friends have noticed that you've been distant with them recently and will decide to force you out of your shell, once and for all. You know you need to put a bit more effort in.


    You'll jump at the chance when a relative suggests a fun day out together. They've rounded up the troops and you can't wait to catch up with your nearest and dearest.

    Your saying

    "Hurry, give in to temptation before it goes away." Casanova


    Do your best to avoid people who drain you of your energies. You've got enough on your plate as it is without having their problems to worry about!

    Your color

    A sweet winter white for your jumpers and eggshell white for your scarves. In the summer, an eggshell white bikini will highlight your tan.

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