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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- August 29th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're giving your relationship everything and more at the moment and your loved one feels like all their christmases have come at once. You know exactly what gets them going and you seem to have them well and truly wrapped around your little finger. The icing on the cake is that sparks will fly in the bedroom this evening. Don't expect to get an early night!


    You certainly won't go unnoticed today! All eyes are on you and you're lapping up the attention from the opposite sex. The stars are advising you to remind yourself of your past mistakes to make sure that you don't put a foot wrong this time round. The chances are that someone much younger than you will start to show an interest. It's up to you to decide whether or not the age gap will be a problem.

    Sexy tip

    Let him admire your body, opt for subdued lights in the bedroom. Use your hands, caress his body gently and ask him to do the same to you.


    If you're waiting to hear back about an internship, seminar or training session then you will be disappointed by today's news. You'll have to knock on your boss's door and beg if you have any hope of changing their decision on the matter. It's time to brush up on your negotiation skills if you want to turn the situation around. It's not too late!

    Your finances

    The stars suggest that luck is on your side today so you should waste no time in calling up your banker to present your new project or renegotiate your mortgage. You've done your research thoroughly and know that you have a good case. At least you'll know you've tried!

    Your lucky number




    A long lost friend will finally get back in touch today. You both know you've left it too long and you'll vow to keep in touch more regularly from now on. It feels like you've never been apart!


    Your relatives are trying but failing to get you to see their point of view. You should nevertheless try to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself whether you're being fair on them. Compromise is not your strong point!

    Your saying

    "Knowing others is wisdom. Knowing oneself is superior wisdom." Laozi


    Your mind and body are in a good place and you're pleased to see that your efforts are paying off. Look after your body and it will look after you in return.

    Your color

    Malachite-green eye shadow will turn your eyes into emeralds.

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