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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- August 17th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You have everything to be thankful for, especially where your love life is concerned. Your partner dotes on you and make you feel happy in your own skin. Unfortunately external factors and situations beyond your control will cloud the day and cause you to distance yourself from your loved one. Their drastic reaction to your behavior will be a wake up call for you today!


    Your friends and family won't hold back today in giving you their opinions on your love life. You should take their advice with a pinch of salt as the stars suggest they could have an ulterior motive. What's more, if their own love lives are anything to go by then they're clearly not experts on the subject! Stick to your guns and do what feels right for you today.

    Sexy tip

    Don't be selfish, introduce him to your new duck vibrator! Don't hesitate to bring a few sex toys with you under your sheets!


    You've got a spring in your step at work today and the hours will fly by. Nothing and no-one will come between you and your objectives, you'll make very sure of that! That said, if you were expecting to get that business deal done and dusted today then you may be disappointed.

    Your finances

    You are advised to avoid the subject of money at all costs today, especially when talking to your family. You never see eye to eye when it comes to your finances and you're not in the mood for a debate today. Wait a few days before broaching the subject.

    Your lucky number




    Your social circle is changing and it feels like a breath of fresh air. You're enjoying getting to know some new faces and broadening your social horizons. Don't lose touch with your childhood friends though...


    Now is not the time to raise those thorny issues with your family members. You've been seeing eye to eye recently and you don't want to rock the boat. Take a few days to mull it over first.

    Your saying

    "He who burnt his mouth eating blows on cold food after." Greek proverb


    You're living life to the full and enjoying every second of it. It's a shame that a certain someone seems intent on bringing you down...

    Your color

    Bronze make-up on eyelids, cheeks and even lips will go well on dark skins!

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