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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- August 13th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    All your partner wants to do today is make you happy and that suits you down to the ground. You've got them well and truly wrapped around your little finger and neither of you seem to be complaining! Your bubbly personality and caring nature never fail to put a smile on their face. Your partner is planning a romantic dinner for two this evening so make sure you keep your diary free!


    Your skills of seduction are a force to be reckoned with today. Your natural charms are working their magic and a certain person has fallen hook, line and sinker for you in the space of just a few seconds. There's no point waiting for approval from your friends and family as none will be forthcoming. You'll just have to make your own mind up whether or not to pursue this adventure.

    Sexy tip

    Don't leave any of your fantasies unfulfilled: do it on your car bonnet! You will be the one in charge today, much to your lover's delight.


    The atmosphere is improving at work and you finally feel like you're on the same wavelength as your colleagues again. If you work in finance then good news will be winging its way to you by the end of the day. You're a valued member of the team and are always on hand with a word of advice or encouragement for your less experienced colleagues.

    Your finances

    You've got an eye for a good deal and always like to compare prices online to make sure your money goes as far as possible. Now would be the ideal time to set up a meeting with your banker in order to discuss your savings and investments. Your banker trusts your judgement and will be behind you every step of the way.

    Your lucky number




    You know your best friend so well that you're even starting to finish off each other's sentences! If you're lucky enough to be going on vacation with them then it's sure to be unforgettable.


    Your family members have been driving you round the bend but you know they don't mean any harm. You have your differences of opinion but it's not the end of the world.

    Your saying

    "He who has a house only has one. He who has none, has a thousand." Hindu proverb


    Your energy levels are back with a bang and you know that the glass is definitely half full. Enjoy the present moment and stop worrying about the future.

    Your color

    Deep blue borderline purple, navy is everywhere these days! Ideal for both your clothes and accessories.

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