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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- July 4th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You could cut the atmosphere with a knife at home due to Mars facing Mercury in your sign. Your partner has rubbed you up the wrong way and you will waste no time in telling them so. Fortunately you have enough redeeming features for them to not hold it against you for too long though! You know exactly how to wrap them around your little finger...


    Dear Single, you are the King or Queen of seduction and there is no holding you back today. Venus in your sign is an indication that you're ready to break with routine and steer your love life down a new path. What you thought was a platonic friendship looks set to turn into a love story to remember. Are you ready for this?

    Sexy tip

    Rabbit, duck, Ben Wa balls, pick your accessories together! You will enjoy playing sexy and sensual games together!


    The planets are giving your career a nudge in the right direction and helping you to up your game and focus on your objectives. If your vacation is just around the corner then you'll make sure you put in the extra hours to make sure everything is done and dusted before you jet off.

    Your finances

    Your money troubles are a thing of the past and it feels like a weight off your shoulders. You're making sure that your outgoings match your income and there's even a little bit left over for yourself. You'll decide to wait until next month before treating yourself to anything expensive.

    Your lucky number




    Your partner makes no secret of the fact that they can't stand one of your close friends. You'll tell them in no uncertain terms that they better get used to them being around!


    You'll make it clear to your children that they've got some growing up to do if they want to stay in your good books. They've pushed you too far today.

    Your saying

    « One must not be afraid of being happy. Life is simply about enjoying oneself » Romain Gary


    Snacking on fatty foods and sweet treats will leave you feeling tired and bloated. The pounds are slowly but surely creeping back on...

    Your color

    Cornflower blue, soft and relaxing color, will match your lavender or indigo eye-shadow to brighten up your look.

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