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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- June 23rd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Certain things left unsaid still need to be cleared up in order to cleanse your relationship and turn over a new leaf. After that, you'll have some intense shared moments of complicity with your partner. Nothing will cast a shadow over your tender, passionate love. Your feelings will be both profound and mutual.


    Venus may be able to satisfy your hopes in your search for someone with an agreeable physique and a fine intelligence. All the more so because you won't demand perfection for once. Your ideal person must be as passionate as you are. The simplicity of this person will melt you, because it weds a clear mind to a very healthy sensuality.

    Sexy tip

    Pretending that you're doing it with your favorite celebrity is really helpful! You'll turn from a mere mortal to a real sex god in the blink of an eye.


    Be curious about everything, and look at things from a new angle. If you want take a new tack, be discerning, and struggle against your impulses that aren't well thought out. Some transformations will present themselves; seize the opportunities.

    Your finances

    Money will make its way back into your wallet. Your financial situation will flourish once again. It'll seem obvious to you to invest some money as a security for your future. You won't procrastinate one bit, and spending that money will be out of the question.

    Your lucky number




    Certain insinuations will greatly upset you. You won't be at a loss for words when it comes to saying how you feel about it.


    By doing your part to bring peace, you'll succeed in bringing everyone to an agreement about a date for a family event.

    Your saying

    « The more serious your face is, the prettier your smile will be » François René de Chateaubriand


    You're going to have a hard time digesting something, whether figuratively or literally.

    Your color

    A smooth pastel orange will give you a classy, elegant and caring look.

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