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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- May 19th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Mercury in Taurus makes you nervous today and could provoke you to get off on a flying start when exchanging with your partner. Budget management and household expenses are at the center of your lively debates, and they could easily get out of hand. Efforts must be made to make the evening a pleasant one.


    A sports activity or a hobby is helping you meet people with whom you develop personal feelings. However, stay discreet about your plans as some people may think you are being too excessive and personal. The love you dream about is yet to come. Your sense of friendship is very important and you believe that only time and fate will bring you a true love relationship.

    Sexy tip

    Why don't you give up the bedroom for once and try out different rooms of the house? If your fantasies aren't too extreme, share them with your partner!


    Your way of working is admired by your colleagues. They can take example from you, but beware that some people can also create divisions around you. This atmosphere of rivalry will not prevent you from completing the tasks entrusted to you.

    Your finances

    Your financial management is excellent at the moment. Yet buying fashion accessories remains your weakness and you can easily fall for small gifts for your loved ones. However, these temptations will not expose you to particular money problems.

    Your lucky number




    You enjoy chatting with the same friends about your everyday life. However, you don't listen to their advice because you are way too sensitive.


    Your loved ones have a hard time catching up with you as you are as busy as a bee. You fascinate them as much as you get on their nerves.

    Your saying

    « With time and patience, a mulberry leaf becomes silk » Chinese saying


    Today, doing some physical activity as a family could help you relax while having a good time.

    Your color

    A yellow similar to the color of sand or tobacco will go wonderfully well on brunettes after the summer.

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