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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- May 4th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your stubbornness could play tricks today and affect your exchanges with your partner. If you insist on having the last word, add a dose of humor otherwise they may become explosive. Within your couple, the debates around financial management may cause some animosities between the two of you and that could spark your fiery temperament.


    Your situation is evolving favorably. It's time to review your love life without rushing into a new relationship. Venus in Gemini will favor new encounters and pleasant exchanges. One of them could give you the impression of moving towards an intimate feeling. Time will do the rest in a positive way.

    Sexy tip

    Smear chocolate on his favorite part of your body and invite him in! Food and foreplay go really well together, you will see...


    Mercury in Aries will make you sharp today. You will impose your ideas and want them to be taken into account, and the magic will succeed. The tasks that will be proposed to you will require your natural qualities such as leadership. Also, your relationship with one of your colleagues could evolve towards a special friendship.

    Your finances

    Your cash flow is fading fast and you might have a guilty feeling about it. Your tendency to want to treat your children and your very close ones is part of the problem. For the time being, you can spend some of the savings you put aside since a long time.

    Your lucky number




    Your social exchanges are pleasant at the moment. They give you a sense of security. If you need today, you can count on the positive reaction of a friend who knows you well.


    As long as your family doesn't ask too many questions about your private life, everything will be fine. A brother or sister could accompany you throughout this restless day.

    Your saying

    « Nothing can stop a heart from loving » Quebec saying


    You will sustain the effects of stress today and have a lot of energy. But there might be a problem of getting enough sleep tonight.

    Your color

    A blush pink short dress will make you look sexy, refreshing and pretty natural too!

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