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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- March 24th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The negative alignment of the Moon with Saturn and Uranus spells very bad news indeed for your relationship. Emotions are running high and there's little chance of you seeing eye to eye on anything today. Venus is trying to patch things up between you but Uranus is doing everything it can to rock the boat. The less said the better, in actual fact!


    If you have a hot date planned for this evening then you are advised to take a raincheck as you're not in a sociable mood. Your flirting skills are nowhere to be seen and you wouldn't want to inflict your bad moods on your love interest now would you? Head down to the gym if you need to let off some steam and then get an early night for goodness sake!

    Sexy tip

    Drive your partner to share the most secret of his fantasies with you! You can get away with a lot as long as you keep pretending they're fantasies...


    The Mercury-Mars square is playing games with you today and making life difficult in the office. You can't concentrate, can't communicate and can't even bring yourself to look at your bulging in-tray! To add insult to injury, you'll even fly off the handle during a meeting with your boss.

    Your finances

    You're under the impression that your zodiac is against you today! Your finances are going from bad to worse and you're struggling to keep your head above the waters. You're in for a few setbacks today on the money front but please try to keep your head up.

    Your lucky number




    The Moon trine facing the Sun-Venus conjunction is helping to save your friendships from demise. You've done far more damage than you realize recently...


    Your family life has seen better days and your poor communication skills could have something to do with it. You're very quick to point the finger of blame...

    Your saying

    « Grass never grows on paths everybody takes » African saying


    You're at a loose end and don't know whether you're coming or going. You'll shy away from situations rather than face them head on.

    Your color

    Retro and glamor, aniline black lingerie will make you look like a pin-up girl!

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