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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- November 22nd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Venus in Libra leaves your sign to move in Scorpio. Bad news for those of you in a stable and healthy relationship! You could become slightly introverted and start asking yourself all kind of questions regarding your sentimental motives. In a foul mood, some of the words leaving your mouth could seriously hurt your significant other. Be very careful...


    You're not actively trying to meet new people today. Venus in Scorpio encourages you to start looking for a serious relationship. You've had your fair share of fun over the years! You will enjoy spending time alone this Sunday, but unexpectedly falling in love at fist sight with a complete stranger cannot be ruled out with the Moon in Aquarius.

    Sexy tip

    Revise the anatomy of the opposite sex, we never know enough about it! Explore every single inch of your partner's body, you will feel like you're discovering a new person!


    Venus teaming up with Mercury, your planet, in Scorpio could make it difficult for you to think straight in the workplace. You could be asked to explain some of your ideas or projects in more detail... Be prepared to fight for what you believe in!

    Your finances

    Spending money is your favorite pastime! You can't remember the last time you checked your bank balance... The Moon in Aquarius puts you in the mood to go out and have fun. But you find it impossible to enjoy yourself responsibly!

    Your lucky number




    Mars in Aries and the Moon in Aquarius encourage you take part in your favorite hobbies. You love exercising or attending cultural events with your friends. Yet another beautiful day is in the cards.


    Venus and Mercury in Scorpio highlights how important your family is to you. Blood really is thicker than water! You never moan about having to take care of those who mean the world to you.

    Your saying

    "The real definition of philosophy is to be able to see things as they are." Buffon


    Mood swings are on the menu! Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, as well as Neptune in Pisces, truly get on your nerves. Give yoga a try in order to relax.

    Your color

    A raspberry red top will brighten up your gray outfits and make you look healthy!

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