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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- September 3rd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're easily influenced by your partner and when they say ‘jump' you say ‘how high'. Venus in Cancer is turning you into a lapdog and making you agree to everything your other half suggests. You'll roll the red carpet out for them again today but please consider that they could end up taking advantage of your generous nature.


    Dear Single, the arrival of Mercury in your sky is attracting you to people much younger than you. You may feel there's an element of taboo but will decide to trust your instincts and get involved with a certain young someone regardless. That said, chemistry counts more for you than looks and you're searching for an emotional attraction over a physical one.

    Sexy tip

    Massage his neck with your smooth and warm hands, slowly... Go hard on some parts of his body, and softly on others...


    You're in two minds when it comes to the next steps to take in your career but you realize that you can't put off the decision making forever. If you continue to dither then you could end up missing the boat altogether.

    Your finances

    It's up to you to make some changes for the better if you want to see your finances get back on track. the stars are urging you to say No to the little devil on your shoulder and keep your credit card safely in your pocket. You'll soon see the difference in your bank balance.

    Your lucky number




    Your closest friends will be brutally honest with you today and it will turn out to be for the best. You can always count on them to say it how it is.


    You have a family celebration to attend this evening but problems in the office will cause you to turn up late. Oh well, better late then never!

    Your saying

    "At the top of the mountain, the view is the same whichever way you look." Chinese proverb


    You're trying to get back into your exercise regime but it's proving easier said than done. It's about time you stopped making excuses.

    Your color

    Cerulean blue eyeliner will give you this aquatic nymph look everyone will envy you!

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